Ode to a Haptic Kit for DigiDice
/“How to at Cheat DigiDice”

I sensed it. The whole field was
near my hands. I turned the die;
between the six faces a hard core of
who-knows can be believed to exist.
I can feel the die, its weight:
this is why I bought this kit.

The middle of a die, behind the pitted
face, gives chance its
heart. I hold it in my hand.
My thumb and forefinger squeeze
six and one together.
The faces give, but not enough.

If anything is possible, how to move?
An “outer limit” may be dazzling in my hand.

A worm moves slowly underground.
She curls at the table of ancient substances.
Between the keys, dust collects.

I squeeze the die again and throw it all.
Sweat slinkers towards my eyes. I have to piss.
A man from elsewhere wins and clicks away.
The darkness in my room is lively, is lovely,
and little engines titter in the night.