Victoria Haynes Art, Victoria Haynes, Victoria Haynes artist

victoria haynes

Born 1992 in Atlanta, GA; lives and works in US Northeast


solo exhibitions
2018 Decision Kit for Miss Fortune, Gern en Regalia, Queens NY

selected group exhibitions
2019 My Shed-Shaped Heart, Hotel Art Pavilion, Brooklyn NY
2019 Reset, Kai Matsumiya, New York NY
2018 Devotion, How Sitting on the Floor at the Store Reminded Me Weakness Shows Strength, Kimberly Klark, Queens NY
2018 Notable American Women, MX Gallery, New York NY
2017 Something's Come Between Us, Songs For Presidents Gallery, Queens NY
2017 tall non-fat raspberry mocha latte, 425 5th Ave
2017 The Bunt, Ginny Projects, London, UK
2017 A First Line of Defense for Significant Tree
2017 Peter Peter, 103 E 75th St, New York NY
2016 Flesh, Duplex/Marvel Vision, Brooklyn NY
2015 Sullivan, Exposé Gallery, Providence RI
2015 Thank You For Being a Friend, 18th St. Art Center, Santa Monica CA
2014 henry bunyan appleseed, Art Market Provincetown, Provincetown MA
2013 turn here, Art Market Provincetown, Provincetown MA
2011 art/work, Postcrypt Gallery at Columbia University, New York, NY

curated exhibitions
2018 Notable American Women, MX Gallery, New York NY

2019 Victoria Haynes on falling in love with her idols via the internet & the cross-temporal relationships of her museological parafiction", interview by Vijay Masharani at AQNB.

2019 Interstate Projects Studio Resident